Quotes wishes in education

To be fair, at least four of Supreme court judges graduated from public schools. Public schooling works for middle and upper class children (although keep in mind, most of the Court judges graduated from high school a while ago). However, for a person from a poor or minority background, to rise to the top seems to require some private schooling.

A movement has arisen in response, called No Child Left Inside; the allusion to education reform is no accident. Since then, experts have testified to Congress. Officials have passed resolutions, and shepherded national and state bills through the halls of government. Websites, books, organizations, coalitions and operations are out there. Now, what can you do?

Start early and make it a habit before you introduce TV and video games. Limit screen-time, including TV, video games, and computer. Trade some of their structured activities for free time. Appeal to kids’ natural interests (e.g. sports: try hiking or canoeing, science: try gardening or rock collecting). Model outdoor time behavior yourself and focus on fun!

Michael Steele, the chair for the RNC had some great words over the weekend, I like him so much more when he is himself and not this psuedo cool hip dude.