Quotes wishes for students

If you want your child to grow strong and proud, help them learn the right way to get there. Take the time, and it will be a long time coming. Make the effort. Start now. It could be the best thing you ever did for you and your loved ones.

It is an old argument to suggest that poorly performing schools or ineffective teachers are the result of having to deal with children living in poverty.

We in Kansas City know all about misspent money. Our city was awarded billions in a desegregation ruling. We got a bunch of pretty new schools, tons of administrators, gaggles of bad teachers, a laughable school board and the same miserable educational system, just as segregated, disconnected and irrelevant as it been since the length of my memory. Ours is not an isolated cases but a shining model of all that is wrong. The one room school houses of the 19th century are better education models than anything we have today.