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Principal Asks Department Of Education For A Full Student

Since the widely aggressive campaigning for the passage of 3A 3B in Jefferson County has paid off, the influx of cash is being collected in raindeer barrels from the sky of plenty. On November 15, 2012, district staff, specific to the superintendent and her chief financial officer, were already making recommendations to the board of education to replenish reserves by to M, eliminating furlough days in which they touted as a 3% reduction in pay for the past two years (i.e. you don’t work you don’t get paid), and giving 1 % raises. What happened to the reasons they begged for the money in the first place?

Reading difficulty often leads to school failure. A recently-released study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that one in six children who are not reading proficiently in third grade do not graduate from high school on time, a rate four times greater than proficient readers.

What Caruolo fails to acknowledge is that teachers, through their union leaders, have always been at the table and far from alienated. But sadly, the only focus has been on salaries and benefits.

Current trends in education “reform” rely heavily on teacher-bashing, and on claims about the supposed failure of public schools that would put Chicken Little to shame. Wealthy individuals and corporate interests spend millions of dollars on media to denigrate public schools and undermine the professional reputation of public school teachers.

That’s right poverty pimps, black high school seniors averaged 1277. Therefore your church scams, sleazy politics, and non-profit (yeah right) organizations are safe for the next half century. But for the rest of us who give a duck, we gotta start Negro education reform somewhere, and i do not think we are going to do it with the U.S. SecEd, Arne Duncan’s Race-to-the-Top game show. Let’s get down, dirty, and practical.

When some spacecrafts have mechanical trouble, does it mean that the naysayers were correct and that man had never had a successful space exploration?–Of course not. When something goes terribly wrong with one particular journey, it does not revoke the successes prior and future. We can and should learn for such circumstance, so they don’t reoccur. But should man shelf all future exploration due to a few failed attempts?

One survey asked kids where they like to spend their free time, and got this response: “I like it indoors best, that’s where the electricity is.” He was honest, and hardly alone. Author Richard Louv calls this, “Nature Deficit Disorder,” in a book called Last Child In the Woods. Of course there is actually no such disease, and certainly no pill for it as well. There are, however, consequences related to this “disease.” Childhood obesity is up, science scores are down.

The last obstacle was unity. The Democrats have it, we don’t. They put aside petty differences and fully support the ticket from top to bottom. There are too many “leaders” in the Republican party who fail to do that. No platform candidate should have to fight both Democrats and a good portion of the Republican party.