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The Education Of Sonya Sotomayor

Neighborhoods should come together to learn about their neighbors and community. With technology exchange email and telephone numbers. Neighbors must not live in isolation. Parents should have email and telephone numbers of every parent in their child’s class or classes. Parents need to communicate more in the neighborhood. If situations are happening in the neighborhood that should be communicated to the neighborhood. The best neighborhood watch is email, text messages, visibility and cell phone numbers.

We need to wake up people. Take the bull by the horns and make serious changes in our lives. We’ve become stagnant and lazy in our everyday lives. Many of our children run amok and have no resposiblities. They don’t know the value of life and most have no feelings of self-worth. All they think about is where to get the next drink of alcohol or drugs to get high. Their moral attitude is down the drain. Their always looking for the next party so they can try to forget their troubles.

I hear anti-smoking advocates are getting ready to re-introduce another total smoking ban ordinance here in Indianapolis. I also hear that because of Smoke Free Indy’s shenanigans last session a number of lawmakers are looking at drafting pre-emption language which would prohibit locals from banning smoking in tobacco shops, private clubs and cigar bars. So if something does happen this year or next year, there’s a good chance it will be short-lived.

What Caruolo fails to acknowledge is that teachers, through their union leaders, have always been at the table and far from alienated. But sadly, the only focus has been on salaries and benefits.

Third, dramatic education reform is a winning issue that will move more minorities into the Republican column. It is the Democrats and misguided Republicans that keep Illinois children in failing schools by not supporting a school choice programs and more rapid charterization of education infrastructure.

A. Human resources departments must conduct a thorough assessment of the applicants’ qualification to include college experiences, previous experiences, and interviews of previous supervisors/administrators.

The current child poverty rate in Kansas approaches 20%, and is growing at a rate nearly double the national average. In 2010, about 40% of Kansas’ K-12 students – nearly 200,000 kids – qualified for Federal free/reduced lunch programs.

Since the widely aggressive campaigning for the passage of 3A 3B in Jefferson County has paid off, the influx of cash is being collected in raindeer barrels from the sky of plenty. On November 15, 2012, district staff, specific to the superintendent and her chief financial officer, were already making recommendations to the board of education to replenish reserves by to M, eliminating furlough days in which they touted as a 3% reduction in pay for the past two years (i.e. you don’t work you don’t get paid), and giving 1 % raises. What happened to the reasons they begged for the money in the first place?