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Help Bring Literacy Into Baltimore’s Homes

Today, teachers live outside the community far from the neighborhood school. There is no vested interest in the community and neighborhood that their children come from. They never see their students outside of school. Visibility is a deterrent and helps to bring a sense of community. If teachers lived in the community, we would see a different level of respect for teachers, teaching and learning would be empowered.

Many people don’t see how dropouts in large cities have anything to do with their own lives. They feel protected against the problems with schools in other areas and don’t believe that failing schools can have any impact on their own well being or safety. It reminds me of the ostrich with his head in the sand. If nothing else, you’d think people would understand that increased crime rates increase the tax money spent to jail criminals.

What we need is a nationwide, grassroots movement to force education reform. It’s time to be preparing students to be the future leaders of America and we need to be teaching them the needed skills.

Due to an expected Republican wave, we surmised that people who generally don’t vote in non-presidential elections would be voting our way anyway, so we decided to focus on the likely voters we needed to persuade. In 2006, 54000 people voted in the district. We were able to identify approximately 51000 likely voters. We subtracted hard Democrats, and identified 38,000 voters. That was our target group. Our goal was to get 27,000 votes out of that 38,000. We ended up with over 24,000 votes — not that far from the 27,000 vote goal. Thanks to an army of freedom and liberty minded volunteers our ground game was very strong.

Cash-incentive schemes have trouble working only when the amounts are puny. Let us offer, let’s say 0,000 to a family of a 6-year-old, in exchange for some hard evidence that the child masters K-12 curriculum. You can do it yourselves, or you can hire a tutor, or you can sign up for a school. But all the helpers will be paid as a proportion of what your child makes by passing tests, at rates agreed on ahead of time. When we start considering real money, one has a harder time claiming it won’t work.

J.C.:I started reading in Kindergarten. I remember keeping my book in my cubby and being so proud I could read a few words. I had a few favorite books as a kid. One was a book of fairy tales, and the other was a book of Bible stories. I still have them and read them to my daughter.

I choose to start a truly progressive school in Durango. One where children are first, and learning is from the inside out, instead of being based on a preset body of knowledge that everyone must learn regardless of interest, and regardless of the fact that it is now well-recognized that the jobs our kids will be doing haven’t even been invented yet. So how can we know what they will need to know?

Now sleepless nights of students and parents before class X exams are not needed. Students will enjoy the studies with semesters for continuous testing of the development of students.